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The Well-Architected Framework comprises of the significant concepts, design principles, and best practices for designing and running critical tasks in the cloud. Organizations can learn how well their architecture aligns with cloud best practices. They are guided continuously to make improvements. The Framework helps organizations build a secure and efficient infrastructure for their applications.

It provides an efficient process for organizations to evaluate architectures and implement designs, and scale over time. The Well-Architected Framework discusses the implementation of best practices to assess the current organizational architecture. The Well-Architected Framework's maximum value could be gained by collaborating with experienced and certified Well-Architected cloud platform partners.

Process is recognized by multiple Well-Architected Framework solution providers. Our Well-Architected Framework is based on four pillars that ensures that the organization's operational and monitoring systems deliver the best results by continually improving processes. Some of the concepts include automating changes, responding to events, and defining standards to manage daily operations.

  • Security: It ensures procedures to protect information and systems. The security pillar includes data integrity, defining and managing access to privilege management, and defending systems. It also establishes controls to detect security events.
  • Reliability:The reliability pillar ensures that all tasks perform their intended function correctly and consistently. In case of a failure, a resilient workload quickly recovers to meet business and customer demand. Key concepts include distributed system design, recovery planning, and procedure to handle change. advantage joined some of the leading cloud organizations in the Well-Architected Program, and today we are a strong Well-Architected Program Partner to them. We are also a certified Premier Consulting Partner and audited MSP, with DevOps and Migration competency, giving us deep expertise with multiple environments. provides in-depth and practical knowledge to build, migrate, and optimize architectures that follow the Well-Architected Framework. We can help you implement best practices, measure the state of your operational tasks, and make improvements where assistance is required. Our clients have seen significant cost savings, improved application performance, and eliminated security risks. has been helping our customers obtain actionable insights into their environment’s security, reliability, and performance and their cloud operations and return on cloud spend. recommendations direct your design towards the following general principles:

  • Pay what you use
  • Testing your application design at production scale
  • Automate everything
  • Allow your architecture to evolve
  • Embrace data driven architectures
  • Utilizing trade-offs for your profitability