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Cloud analytics is a model in which remote computing resources are used to analyse huge amount of data. The tool not just gathers and analyses data it make the data also comprehendible for better business decisions.It could include components on-premise or cloud, or a hybrid model depending on the reduction in the burden.

In the cloud-based services model, the entire cost is an opex & variable cost. Controlling costs requires frequent, automated reporting. Get deep insights into your investment with detailed scheduled reports. The tool provides automated & scheduled reports to show users their latest cloud usage and costs. You can leverage chargeback reports to allocate expenses to the appropriate project or business units for chargeback or cost allocation.

Key Business Advantages

Scheduled Reports - In the cloud-based services model, the entire cost is an opex & variable cost. Controlling costs requires frequent, automated reporting.

Forecast Analysis - Successful management of your cloud costs needs an accurate analysis of the future expenses considering growing business workloads.

Optimize your cloud investments - The variable opex based cost model of cloud computing introduces different avenues for savings costs;


Cloud analytics uses advanced data analytics tools available on cloud analytics platforms to analyze vast quantities of data. Every organization must improve cloud efficiency to leverage the benefits of cloud computing.

Organizations may require different delivery platforms. Analytics services can be delivered through a SaaS model. But the results are dependent on the raw computation power provided by the underlying infrastructure. How you use the underlying infrastructure services and how results move between many different layers are critical factors for highly reliable and secure service.

  • Evaluate Additional Features and Applications
  • Cloud Auto-scaling
  • Manage Instances
  • Cloud Deployment Models advantage

With comprehensive cloud management by, implementing a multi-cloud analytics strategy need not be complicated as you can easily switch between multiple cloud environments on one dashboard. Cloud analytics can be chosen as a subscription or pay on a volume of data or query basis. Cloudxchange recognizes that cloud analytics will be the most significant enabler in conducting business in the modern world.’s Cloud Analytics solution provides you
  • One Cloud Management Platform. It will help you visualize, report, forecast, and optimize your investments across multiple public cloud service providers.
  • We provide customized usage and cost information. Our cloud analytics solution gives you summary reports for a business that will help make critical business decisions faster.
  • We are continually evaluating and applying new technologies to see how they can be leveraged for better reach and collaboration.
  • We have vast experience helping clients in areas as diverse as healthcare, government, and communication to build their analytic clouds. Everyday we manage a large amount of cloud-based data transactions.
  • Hold in-depth process knowledge, a collection of cloud solutions, and innovative analytics solutions.
  • Our cloud analytics solutions range through hardware, software, services, and research.
  • Affordable analytics solutions for every business
  • We provide 24*7 support for any queries
  • It is proven to be a faster way to gain business-critical insight for decision making.
  • The Cloudxchange team can support clients end to end from analysis, delivery, and routine maintenance.
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