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Microsoft Azure Cloud Managed Service Microsoft Azure Managed Services are delivered by our qualified and experienced Azure management team, with proven methodologies and tools. This ensures your organization meets its business objectives and your Azure environment is optimized and efficient in performance, resilience and cost.

With SLAs to meet your unique business needs, can manage every aspect of your Azure environment – or work alongside you to provide support in the areas you most need help.

Our Azure Managed Services include:

Trust our managed services experts to keep your business-critical apps optimized and running around the clock. Using our self-service portal, you can quickly create managed environments for crucial applications like production websites and core back-office services. Best of all, our by the hour managed services scale as your business requires with agility and automation working behind the scenes to deliver for you. has designed an infrastructure with robust safety features against security threats, with the capability of handling several workloads simultaneously. Our skill includes-

Identity & Access Management. will work with your organization to ensure the right individuals have access to the right on-premises, hybrid, or public cloud resources – at the right times and for the right reasons. Our identity and access services include:

Multi-factor authentication (MFA). Through Microsoft Azure Active Directory MFA, can add a valuable second layer of security to signing-in and any transactions.

User access management. Identify and control the state of users logged in to the network. can add or delete users, query, or filter users, set access policies, and enforce strong authentication when users access resources.

User tagging. can manage the logging of all user activity on Azure, maintaining multiple Azure subscriptions as well as role-based access for individual users for specific subscriptions and specific Azure resources.

Monitoring and Health:

Azure offers many monitoring capabilities built within the platform, however there is often a need for additional, deeper monitoring. offers:

Health monitoring. Complete monitoring of VMs, CPU utilization, memory usage, storage IOPs, and OS performance. This service includes monitoring of application performance and operation health, providing dashboards and reports on system health.

Log analytics & alerting. Every client, device, and user accessing a network produces data that is logged.

Database monitoring. Ensuring high availability of servers, keeps logs of size, connection time and users of databases – analyzing use trends and leveraging data to proactively remediate issues.

Configuration Management.

Azure offers many monitoring capabilities built within the platform, however there is often a need for additional, deeper monitoring. offers:

Password resets. ensures continual access to resources in case of forgotten or misplaced passwords.

Patching. Our team ensures operating systems are continuously updated.

Audit and troubleshooting. undertakes auditing, logging, and troubleshooting of all deployment operations and changes.

Configuration and policy management. Our team ensures your organization is delivered pre-configured resources with the right access policies in place.

Backup & disaster recovery.

Azure workloads need to be protected from planned and unplanned outages as this can cause adverse business, brand, and in some cases, legal effects. will ensure your Azure workloads and applications are backed up, disaster proofed, and highly available. We will develop a backup and DR plan based on policies best suited for your business,

Cost optimization.

Usage visibility. Our team can provide granular visibility into Azure usage by department, project, region, workload, or users enabling you to attribute to cost centers and prioritize IT spend.

Cost control. Through greater visibility, will help you identify inefficiencies and redundancies, freeing resources for increased innovation and creativity.

Billing management. offers a simplified view into cloud costs, removing the complexity of analyzing, budgeting, tracking, and forecasting cloud costs.

Resource optimization. Through identifying consolidation possibilities, will make sure that resources are properly provisioned, “right-sized”, and utilized.

Network, security & compliance.

Security and compliance. will help guide you on how to best protect your applications or servers built on or utilizing the Microsoft Azure platform.

Network security. Through industry best practices, will help address common network security issues using Azure capabilities.

Network design. Our designs and recommendations consider virtual networks and subnets, peering, network security groups, routes, connectivity to on-premises networks, and use of virtual appliances.

Hub and spoke network topology. will efficiently manage common communication or security requirements for complicated workloads and address potential Azure subscription limitations.

Governance. will help you understand best practices around security, connectivity, policies, and general governance prior to migration to ensure that your organization is on the right foot from the outset.

Consulting & support.

Consulting. Our experienced, certified Azure specialists are on hand to help, delivering best-of-breed managed services every step on your Azure cloud migration journey.

Service Desk. Available 24 x 7, 365 days a year, team is available to help with any Microsoft Azure support requirements.

Training. Our team can facilitate vital skills and expertise through 1:1 or group training. Alternatively, we can advise on e-learning to suit your needs.

Project management.Our experienced PMO team is available to manage your project end-to-end, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Change management. Maximize internal satisfaction through’s proven continuous improvement model.

Innovation. Our experienced team will assist in developing new solutions or rebuilding/rearchitecting existing solutions to drive innovation.

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