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Enterprise security services features

  • Public & Private Cloud Network Security
  • Cloud Security Posture Management
  • Cloud Intelligence & Threat Hunting
  • Web App & API Protection
  • Workload Protection
  • Modern cloud deployments are getting increasingly complicated and frequently span multiple clouds. Public cloud providers always prioritize security, yet customers are responsible for how they use those services. This usually poses a challenge when organizations are planning to scale to the cloud. cloud enterprise security strategy can help your organization automate security. It also helps optimize modern cloud deployments. We offer-

    Unified Security Architecture

    To provide intelligent threat prevention, both on-premise, and the cloud, through the unified security platform.

    Unified Hybrid Cloud Security

    To prevent threats across AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, VMWare, and Oracle.

    Unified Visibility Across Assets

    As it gives centralized visibility for all cloud traffic, security alerts, and assets.

    Application development methodologies are becoming more agile, continuous integration or delivery (CI/CD) processes with end-to-end automation. This brings a multitude of benefits, such as shorter time to market and faster delivery. At the same time, it also introduces security challenges. Older security procedures were not designed to solve these modern application workflows.

    Often, limited prevention controls, tools without automation provide incomplete and unreliable security analytics. Research states that most enterprises today regard the misconfiguration of assets in the cloud as one of the most significant contributors to cloud security threats.

    More than 80% of enterprises are very concerned about how secure they are in the cloud.

    These enterprises are constantly looking out for trusted partners to help manage enterprise security and help them focus on their business. offers best in call Enterprise Cloud Security Services that deliver-

    Cloud intelligence and threat hunting

    Cloud Intelligence and Threat Hunting provide real-time data of threats and breaches across multi-cloud environments through machine learning. It uses the best threat and security intelligence to help organizations detect anomalies, activate alerts, quarantine threats, and quickly remediate threats efficiently and automatically.

    Cloud Web App & API Protection

    The cloud security moves application security closer to the edge of the workload, giving more real-time granular protection than a traditional Web Application Firewall. It protects web apps and APIs from all types of threats with an automated, cloud-native security platform. It provides the best security utilizing the power of artificial intelligence, unlike traditional Web App firewalls. Automation is a critical factor that ensures that safety is maintained even in dynamic app development cycles.

    Cloud Workload Protection

    Workload Protection provides vulnerability assessment and runtime protection of all cloud workloads, including serverless functions. It helps organizations automate security with minimal overhead across a multi-cloud environment. It allows seamless scanning of workloads to increase protection and provide continuous observability and assessment. Cloud workload protection allows continuous self-protection to evaluate and adapt security procedures consistently.

    Cloud Network Security

    The Public Cloud Network Security provides advanced and efficient threat prevention and network security through a unified and automated gateway across all the multi-cloud and on-premises environments. provides cloud protection with the highest security effectiveness and supports automation of workloads, rapid cloud deployment, and agility

    Connect with us and we will protect your business protect against internal and external threats. Our services provide intelligent cloud security intelligence for proactive threat detection. We also help businesses comply with regulatory requirements as we adopt best practices to be followed as per industry standards.