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Migration services features

  • Faster Deployment
  • Infrastructure Simplified
  • Efficient Monitoring
  • Improvised Security
  • Zeroing-down Data Centres
  • Enhanced Key Metrics Logging
  • Introduction

    Cloud Migration has become crucial for business sustainability and growth. It is the process whereby an organization’s digital assets such as databases, applications, and IT processes are moved to the cloud or from one another. In recent years, organizations have been quick in reaping the benefits of cloud computing. Businesses have now adopted highly efficient cloud computing applications: time-saving, user-friendly, enhanced security, and ease of access. The cost of cloud migration coming down has also helped businesses to implement cloud migration.

    • Faster Deployment: Application deployment and DevOps practices become more structured and more straightforward with Cloud Computing. Cloud services also eliminate the need for setting up servers and installing OS. Cloud computing empowers businesses to start with server and resource set up quickly.
    • Simplified Infrastructure: Cloud migration and services reduce the infrastructure setup complex procedures and the network cost. As simple as filling out specifications and requirements for launching the necessary services. This reduced complexity and cost help save business time that can be utilized for other growth-related tasks.
    • Efficient Monitoring: The world-class cloud services available today enables businesses to monitor downtime and other security issues in the system quickly. In this way, organizations can save time to check every application individually. Cloud services centralize the monitoring process. It saves the IT personnel time to check different dedicated interfaces.
    • Improvised Security: Organizations hesitated to move to the cloud-primarily due to unreliable security issues. Reliable cloud computing service providers ensure that hackers are kept at bay from crucial apps and other crucial data. During the cloud migration process, automatic security updates keep organizations safe.
    • Reducing Data Centres: Cloud Computing reduces the number of data centers that consume organizational space and additional maintenance costs, including cooling expenses. Organizations can opt for one information-sensitive data center.
    • Cost Reduction: Cloud migration allows auto-scaling, allowing organizations to adjust the cloud services' usage or requirement as per the requirement. It helps organizations save on investments and allocate costs based on the requirement. It also helps in reducing downtimes.
    • Efficient Key Metrics Logging: Organizations must know what went wrong and which app the event took place, in case of an outage. An efficient backup system can help organizations get back into the previous status disrupted due to an outage.

    Process follows the following steps for successful cloud migration.

  • Internal Network Assessment
  • Business Operations Assessment
  • Cloud Framework Creation
  • Application Installation
  • Data Compatible Cloud Testing
  • Cloud Adaptability Training Sessions
  • Cloud Environment Functionality Test
  • Cloud-based Exchange Platform Setup
  • Cloud-based Data Migration and Storage
  • Live Cloud Computing
  • The cloud is a highly efficient and beneficial platform for businesses. Every organization must be aware of its benefits and features before implementation to plan and determine how it makes the best use of the cloud's features and advantages. The cloud migration process must be carefully considering the benefits.

    Lift & shift


    There are various approaches to cloud migration and one of the most popular approaches is Lift & Shift. This method is the fastest way to migrate your workload to the cloud, as it allows us to replicate your in-house applications, without spending additional time and money redesigning it.



    We take the application and make it suitable. This option will help you avoid mobilizing a development team when requirements change and ensures you have an expert SaaS provider monitoring and capitalizing on your company’s group behaviors over time.



    This approach to cloud migration can offer the best of both worlds. In this scenario, your company may have an existing application or website that has some features we can use, and some we can modernize for Cloud. These modifications include making use of familiar languages and frameworks, re-architecting the application for new software. Cloud Migration Advantage helps organizations in digital transformation and ensures that cloud migration occurs through the right strategy, roadmap, workflow model, and ecosystem collaborations. We determine which approach works best for your organization.

    Considering your requirements, we identify whether your organizations need to go public, private, or hybrid. We are a customer-centric organization; we take care of the cloud migrations effectively without losing crucial data and time plan for significant cloud migration:

    We ensure a smooth transition of business applications and data to leading cloud platforms. We are official partners of Microsoft Azure, AWS, GCP, VMWare, IBM, and other enterprise cloud solutions.

    For more than a decade, has been a leading cloud migration service provider. has helped deliver efficient, time-saving, and cost-saving cloud migration solutions to organizations across varied industries. brings tried and tested methods through years of experience. Below are some ways through which we help restructure processes:

    • We build roadmaps, strategies, and execute the cloud migration process through re-architecting, re-platforming, and operational support for databases and applications.
    • 24/7 assistance and support in all stages of the cloud migration process
    • We ensure that there are minimal errors and glitches through addressing migration requirements and addressing infrastructure needs.