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Enterprises across the world are dependent on technology to intensify their efficiency and carve out a niche for themselves. And this need to sustain businesses has grown more apparent during the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizations have been challenged to discover new approaches for innovation and had to re-examine the sustainability of their running operations and systems. Although large businesses have an in-house IT team to handle their IT infrastructure and networks, the same may not be true for small businesses that had to look for ways to mitigate their expenses and yet maintain continuity. Cloud MSP (Managed Services Providers) stepped in big time in 2020 with their cost-effective and secure solutions, accessible from anywhere, anytime and any device. There has been an accelerated need for businesses to migrate their IT requirements and turn towards these Cloud Managed Service Providers, who have played a vital role in the digital transformation.

MSP and why businesses need them?

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, which led to a shift in the working environment, MSPs ensured that businesses can run efficiently. Before the pandemic, most organizations operated from their business premises. But with the forced lockdowns, organizations were left in jeopardy, as employees struggled to figure out the – ‘work from home’ scenario. There was a sudden demand for MSPs to help organizations sustain their businesses. MSPs helped build secure remote working capabilities for businesses of all sizes.

There were some evident reasons why the complete industry started recognizing importance of Cloud MSPs as they could
  • Remotely manage a part of business administration and IT outsourcing needs of any organization such as – delivery and management of IT services, application, network, infrastructure, and security, with the help of their expert support team
  • Actively administer all on behalf of the organization on the MSP’s Data Center or with a third-party vendor.
  • Provide IT support with various comprehensive solutions to businesses of any size.
  • Be a cost-efficient method for small and middle-sized companies as it would not only free up the valuable time of resources but also would enable businesses to focus on other tasks

How Cloud MSPs can be an advantage for businesses in the COVID-19 situation & beyond

Cloud Productivity and Remote Management

Many businesses re-evaluated their need for physical premises and decided to shift their operations from on-premises infrastructure to cloud-based solutions. Here, MSPs can extend help to configure and assist an efficient transition into cloud-based solutions.

Technical Support

MSPs prove to be an advantage with on-going technical support that is vital for businesses considering the long-term possibility of employing a remote workforce.


MSPs keep a constant check and evaluatethe initial configuration of the remote working solution to identifyand improvise workflow processes.

Set-up and Monitoring Cybersecurity solutions

Cloud MSPs can help businesses to set up necessary cybersecurity solutions and can ensure that business-sensitive data remains protected with regular monitoring.

Benefits you get with Cloud MSPs