Public Sector Case Study for Disaster Recovery(DR) as a Service

India’s leading Natural Gas Distribution Company chooses as a trusted partner for Disaster Recovery on Amazon Web Services


Use Case:
Disaster Recovery as a service for leading Natural Gas Distribution Company with application stack including custom monolithic & Oracle enterprise applications on Windows and Linux platform with 30 TB of data.

Third Party Tools Used :

  • Double Take Disaster Recovery.
  • Third Party Monitoring using Site 24 x 7.
  • Incident management using Fresh Service.

Challenges and Roadblocks :
As a public sector company, customer depends on,

  • Constant availability of its back-end applications.
  • Enterprise-level disaster recovery solution that could achieve rapid recovery while also meeting their budgetary requirements.
  • FAR DR in a different seismic zone replacing their nearby secondary data center.
  • Achieve enterprised-level disaster recovery within their
  • Expand disaster recovery strategy to meet company’s quickly growing customer volumes.
  • Failover to older point in time in cases of server corruptions or cyberattacks.
  • Failback to primary data center without disruption or data loss.

Proposed Solution:
Disaster recovery as a service in AWS Mumbai Region.
Below would be the functional overview of the solution,

  • Creation of Windows and Linux replication servers in the target region.
  • Separate VPC will be configure for servers within AWS DC.
  • AWS direct connect will be configured for private point to point connectivity for MPLS network.
  • Double Take DR will be used for replication of server images from primary site to DR site.
  • Double Take DR replicates entire server image including OS, Application & Data to destination server at DR site.
  • All windows will be replicated to single windows server on AWS.
  • Linux server will be replicated to single Linux server on AWS.
  • Replication will be done in near real time.
    • Subsequently all incremental data will be replicated online using double take DR tool.

Logical Architecture for DoubleTake :

Why Amazon Web Services :

  • Amazon web services is a pioneer in the field of open source technological integrations.
  • Having multiple availability zones was a perfect fit.
  • Customer needed to Reduced time to scale from months to minutes.
  • Disaster-recovery capabilities and Improved uptime.
  • Segregation of workloads into multiple accounts for additional layer of access management.

Third Party Tools Used :
Following services have been used in AWS cloud,

  • Amazon Identity and access management.
  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud.
  • Amazon Elastic Block Store.
  • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud.
  • AWS Simple Storage Service.
  • AWS Cloudwatch and CloudTrail.
  • AWS Direct Connect.

The Benefits & Outcome :

  • Quick and easy continuous replication of data center applications into AWS.
  • On-demand disaster recovery solution that provisions servers only when disaster strikes.
  • Sub-second recovery point objectives(RPOs) to be achieve.
  • Recovery time objectives (RTO) of minutes.
  • Granulates Point-in-time recovery.
  • Primary AWS services used: Amazon EC2, Amazon EBS, AWS Direct Connect.
  • OS-level continuous replication of all overloads and applications.

About the Partner :

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