Multi CDN

Power of Multiple CDN’s in Single Solution is in partnership with global multi CDN solution provider CEDEXIS to offer
seamless content delivery solution for INDIA region.

Based on your markets and the demographics of your user population the best solution is actually to use several providers that, when combined, offer a fully rounded delivery solution on a global scale. This ensures a 24/7 best-of-breed coverage for all of your customers, leveraging the strengths of the providers and minimizing their weaknesses.

Performance is a great goal, but removing your single point of failure (SPOF) is an equally laudable benefit. Any system architect knows that a SPOF will eventually knock you offline. While CDNs are built to be redundant and have certainly improved over the last 10 years, there can be no doubt that CDNs have occasional technical challenges that can affect website performance. By moving your mobile app or Web property to a multi-CDN delivery strategy you make your entire system more resistant to failure.

By adopting a Multi-CDN approach, you provide your business executives leverage when negotiating CDN rates. To take advantage of annual rate drops an enterprise must have realistic options; in other words, multiple CDN partners.

Multi-CDN Architecture

Different CDNs

Different CDNs tend to vary performance wise in different areas. Some CDN provider may offer a better service for example in video, image optimization. Choosing a multi-CDN strategy is a quite new practice that’s becoming more common as businesses are becoming more familiar with the technology.

CDN with nearby geographies may cost too high for certain types of data. So sometimes it will make sense to leverage CDN delivery where low-latency paths exist with low cost with more desirable outcome.

Features and Benefits

CDNs are selected based on what will be fastest for the end user. If there are multiple CDN providers in one region, content from the fastest one will be served.
Multi CDN provider can help in scaling down cost by utilizing the fastest and cost effective CDN.
Best service uptime by routing traffic through another provider if a CDN provider’s network goes down.
Access to huge amount of CDN locations possible with multiple CDN providers.
Multiple CDN data centers can handle much more requests than a single server thereby relieving the load on the main server.

Choosing the Right Delivery Network

Content delivery networks have differing strengths and weaknesses, based numerous factors like geography coverage, architectures, cost and usage models, etc. for which uptime and latency can vary greatly at any moment. The most critical thing is to decide which delivery network, cloud, or datacenter is the best for your unique requirement. That’s a lot of decision to make.’s multiple CDN solution will effectively deliver the best user experience automating the process and enabling dynamic web content delivery decisions. will determine and figure out in real time, how the content should be delivered based on any predefined criteria.

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