One enormous innovation is the content delivery network (CDN). These services store the more static assets in high-performance data centers that are strategically located to get assets to the end client as speedily as possible.

These days, any service serious about delivering high quality content to large audiences must either utilize a CDN service or execute its own solution.

Multi-CDN technology simply narrates the practice of using more than one CDN provider in order to upgrade latency and boost up on a global scale. Single CDN may be enough in a certain locality but a site owner may choose to execute multiple CDNs that have data centers in geographical areas where the main supplier isn’t highly represented.


Limitations with single CDN

Whether you deliver a premiere gaming experience, maintain a high-traffic ecommerce platform, or stream over-the-top (OTT) video, one CDN means accepting outages and performance limitations

Why Multi-CDN Makes Sense

  • Moving to a multi-CDN approach will create the foundation needed to provide a better experience for users.
  • Quality content deliver that users expect.
  • Multiple CDNs perform better than a single CDN. This strategy improves performance, reduces costs, and promotes ease of management.
  • Multiple CDN data centers can handle much more requests than a single server thereby relieving the load on the main server.

Multi-CDN configuration can help maximize content delivery or application performance even in the face of surging traffic—deploying assets on several CDNs at one time. This promotes the best possible performance ensures 100% uptime, reduces costs, and leverages regionally dominant CDNs.

With a variety of options, the multiple CDNs need to be managed in a way that wrests the best value from them. CDNs strive for perfect uptime, but they can’t accomplish it. In addition, different geographic regions are better served by one CDN or another.

written by: Simpi Nath

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