Microsoft on AWS

Microsoft on AWS is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and Microsoft Gold Partner. We have the capabilities necessary to build, deploy and manage complex cloud architectures on AWS. We as a Managed services provider focused on security, reliability, availability and scalability. services help companies reduce their operating costs and increase productivity while improving their cloud security posture by deploying their mission critical workloads onto the Managed Service.

Microsoft business line of Applications on Amazon Web Service(AWS) with powerful cloud-based infrastructure platform

Enterprise organizations run on Microsoft platforms – from dynamics, Exchange, facilitating communications and SharePoint, enabling collaboration, to CRM, for mission critical workflows, and SQL Servers, managing data. Now, you can maximize the benefits of these trusted Microsoft applications deployed on Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows Server with AWS’s added flexibility, security, and high availability. is an AWS Advance Consulting partners and Gold Partners for Microsoft. This enables us to accelerate cloud adoption while maintaining your business continuity, minimizing risk, and enhancing performance. Our Microsoft application modernization capabilities include migration, development, optimization, refactoring, DevOps, automated testing and deployment, configuration management, and full life cycle management and support.

Benefits of Microsoft on AWS

  1. Customer can use same tools and workflows familiar with on-premises.
  2. Scale up and down as you need, while only paying for what you use.
  3. Use Amazon workspace to connect client-server applications and reduce latency
  4. Use managed service like AWS Directory Service or Amazon RDS to limit administrative work.
  5. Pro-active monitoring of the complete infrastructure of end-to-end solutions.
  6. AWS Systems Manager helps in providing insights of resources in terms of patches, updates, and configuration, helping in security and compliance needs.
  7. Administrator’s access to customer infrastructure and services is controlled by IAM policies, with audit trails and log in reporting.
  8. Maintaining frequent backup and snapshots of the entire infrastructure.
  9. EC2 Instances will be chosen for the best price and performance benefits.
  10.  For Microsoft software, EC2 allows you to pay for instances that include Windows Server and SQL Server licenses. For all other Microsoft software, customers can bring their own license, subject to Microsoft’s terms.

Microsoft on AWS Customer Use Cases

Running Microsoft Applications on AWS

Extend your datacenter with VMWare cloud on AWS

  1. Consistent operations and live migrations from on-premises to AWS
  2. Microsoft apps can move to VMware Cloud on AWS without any change to MS licensing.
  3. Rapidly extend, migrate and protect your VMware environment to the AWS Public cloud.
  4. Expanded services to AWS cloud providing agile, reliable service that when combined with Customer’s Security offers consistent management, visibility, and protection across datacenter and cloud environments saving precious IT resources.

Why VMware Cloud on AWS?

With the same architecture and operational experience on-premises and in the cloud, quickly derive business value from the VMware and AWS hybrid cloud experience.

  • Simplify cloud migration of any scale : Migrate thousands of virtual machines, live, without retrofit – from individual apps to entire data centers.
  • Eliminate rework tax and reduce risk : Leverage consistent infrastructure and operations to integrate the public cloud with your existing investments.
  • Modernize your apps : Leverage cloud-scale infrastructure and services to extend the value of your enterprise apps.

Benefits of VMware Cloud on AWS

  • Ensures the scale, performance and agility to support business critical applications
  • Reduces strain on in-house IT, freeing time to focus on new projects that will create value for the business
  • Provides template for future cloud-first projects, and supports digital transformation

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