Mahanagar Gas Limited creates a BCP-DR plan leveraging AWS CloudEndure with minimum running cost for On Spot Bill , customer escalation and surrounding applications


Use Case: 

Disaster Recovery as a service for critical application workload with minimum downtime, data loss and reduced cost.

Tool Used: CloudEndure

Challenges and Roadblocks :

  • Compliance requirement for establishing disaster recovery for business-critical applications hosted on-premises in a different seismic zone.
  • Capex Investment for DR site.
  • Financial Data for all users must be kept in a place where the SLA for storage is high and there is near zero data loss.
  • DR site availability and physical parameters.
  • Company wanted minimum recovery point objective and recovery time objective, avoiding any data loss.

Deployment (Solution and Architecture):

Proposed Solution :

Disaster recovery as a service in AWS Mumbai Region.

Below would be the functional overview of the solution,

  • VPC, Subnets and security groups configuration for servers within AWS Singapore region.
  • AWS managed Direct Connect to replicate date securely from Source Data center in Mumbai.
  • CloudEndure DR solution is be used for replication of server images from primary site to DR site.
  • Use of Throughput optimized HDD while replication for cost saving.
  • Launch instances using Magnetic HDD and Gp2 SSD.
  • Creation of  Linux replication servers in the target region which is called as staging area.
  • Network connectivity on port 443(CloudEndure Console) and 1500(via DX) from source machines.
  • All on-premises machine will be replicated to single server on AWS.
  • Replication will be done in real time.
  • Subsequently all incremental data will be replicated online using DR tool.
  • Deploy the server when DR invoke from customer end.
  • Ensure Servers remote accessibility to the customer.

AWS services were used as part of the solution :

  • EC2 Instances
  • Direct Connect
  • EBS Storage – GP2, Throughput optimized HDD , Magnetic HDD
  • S3 Storage
  • CloudEndure DR
  • Application load balancer and WAF

Solution Description :

First point of analysis was done by visiting the client premises and understanding the operation and functional dependencies of the application and business continuity plan.

  1. A deep dive into the application understanding, inferred that the on premises infra was not set up for disaster, hence violating the BCP plan that the client had to comply for.
  2. Post identification of the situation, and discussion on the business side with the higher management for solution with minimum RTO and near zero RPO was selected.
  3. Hence using CloudEndure made the best solution. The agents would be installed in on-premises servers and would replicate every block level change to AWS with creating an Amazon machine image which can be launched selecting any point of Time.
  4. The transfer of the data had to be secured, hence Direct connect was also to be established.
  5. Cost of the solution was taken care as the pricing incurred would only be for a few numbers of replication servers running and the storage at any point of time. The cost of complete resources would only incur in case DR was invoked.

Key Technical Components :

Security being a deep concern and in fact, an advantage in cloud computing as software defined networking has multiple components for additional protection with complete transparency. Some key components used are Subnets, Security groups and NACL’s, Virtual Network, virtual machines, Directconnect.

Outcomes :

  1. Cost Saving by running a cold DR and using HDD during replication time
  2. Uninterrupted connectivity using Direct connect
  3. Satisfactory security and compliance guidelines
  4. Business required RPO and RTO
  5. Ease of management

The Benefits :

  • The Primary Benefits after hosting DR cloud is that the RTO has reduced significantly.
  • Elimination of complex and time-consuming capacity planning – With Amazon S3, simply pay for what they use, and are billed for their usage as they go.
  • Free-up IT resources – Improve efficiency by freeing up valuable financial and staff resources.
  • Reduced Capital Expenditures – no longer needs to acquire, enterprise backup software, or hardware system. This eliminates the burden of budgeting for capital equipment well in advance as well as the capital expense.
  • Availability of data for restoring on cloud– no need to locate or retrieve on physical server. During critical events such as on-premises data center outage, when many applications must be restored simultaneously and as soon as possible. None of these problems occur with Amazon S3. Data restores can begin immediately, within hours.

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