About the company

  • India’s leading retail ERP solution provider.
  • They are providing retail ERP to leading retailer like Adidas, Mahindra, Samsung, Samsonite etc.
  • Earlier they use to provider dedicated infrastructure for each customer and use to host at any of the traditional DC.
  • This was incurring huge operations cost as they had to manage multiple setups & application binaries.
  • Due to multiple setups their end customer pricing was also high due to high input cost.

It is a market leader providing business management for the retail and distribution sectors. With over 10000+ customers over the past 20 years, the company has provided comprehensive solutions to organizations of all sizes from an independent outlet to a large chain of outlets. We are present in India.

  • Cost effective Virtual machine to run production for limited time of business hours.
  • Should be very secure access to environment.
  • Backup solution.
  • ITIL based complete life cycle of technology based tool to maintain all events for Audit.

Proposed Solution

  • Azure cloud services.
  • Azure automation.
  • Azure IPSec VPN.
  • Cloud protect as backup solution.
  • Service desk tool for ticketing.
  • Cloud support for monitoring system


SaaS based ERP with single ERP software for multiple customers. Helped wondersoft to transform application with SaaS based platform with following:

  • Application load balancing with auto scaling.
  • Dynamic content moved from application servers to Azure blob storage.
  • Always on SQL active configuration for highest availability.
  • DR setup on other Azure region with Azure site recovery.

Customer Benefits

  • Production environment migrated to Azure platform as legacy content.
  • Cost optimization achieved by automation to run the resources.
  • Installed and configured the cloud protect as a backup solution.
  • Ability to restore data as and when required.
  • Even a restoration can be done as a complete Virtual Machine. With this option we achieve Minimum RPO & RTO.

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