Growth Source chooses AWS for hosting their Fintech Applications on cloud


Use Case:  AWS Cloud Infrastructure IAAS (AWS Mumbai Region)

Third Party Tools Used: Site 24 x 7, Fresh Service

Platforms Used: Windows virtual machines with MSSQL 2016 Standard, Red Hat Linux virtual machines.

About Growth Source :

Growth Source Financial Technologies Private Limited is a  fintech startup focused towards consumer funding business. They were looking to launch their business applications with shortest period possible to shorten their go to market time.

The Challenge :

  • Since growth source is a fintech startup in consumer finance segment, they have unpredictable workload and scalability requirement.
  • Growth Source need their entire Infrastructure on Cloud with High Availability with no single point of failure.
  • Multiple applications testing to be done before finalizing application stack for their various business units.

Proposed Solution:

Considering growth source’s requirements, we proposed AWS based solution considering following requirements.

  • High availability
  • Scalability
  • Cost Optimization
  • Performance

Key solution design features includes following:

  • Separate landscape for production and non-production environment for isolation
  • Application servers configured at multiple AZ with load balanced using AWS Application load balancer.
  • Servers are configured with auto start /stop mode for cost optimization.
  • Production servers accessed restricted via bastion hosts for additional layer of security.
  • All servers configured with host based antivirus software crowdstrike.
  • Configure Snapshot Lifecycle Policy for the servers in AWS
    • Create a Life Cycle Policy on the volumes of the servers
    • Define the volume tags for the volumes of the servers
    • Create a schedule for backup of the volumes
    • Encrypt the data both at rest and in transmit
    • Configure retention policies

First phase applications deployed

  • Penant ( LOS & LMS ) : Application ( Apache + Tomcat ) + DB ( windows / MS SQL )
  • Fox analytics ( Analytics application : Application ( Tomcat ) + DB ( Windows/ MS SQL )
  • Infor Sunsystem ( ERP ) : Application ( windows IIS ) + DB ( Windows / MS SQL )

Architecture Deployed :

Why Amazon Web Service :

Growth Source adopt backup solution on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. They were interested in determining a better solution for data backup on cloud. Growth Source is engaged with, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner to evaluate backup solution to manage huge set of on-premises backup to AWS Cloud and leverage cloud benefits.

AWS Services Used :

Following services have been used in AWS cloud,

  • Amazon Code Commit
  • Amazon API Gateway
  • Amazon Pinpoint Service
  • Amazon EC2
  • Amazon EBS
  • Amazon Lambda
  • Amazon CloudWatch
  • Amazon SNS

Operational Excellence :’s has own service desk web portal for managing the incidents, alerts, sending alerts to user.’s will provide 24 X 7 help desk support (Phone, Email & web based) to customers.’s help desk will support customers to address problems related to solution. The Service Desk application includes all direct interaction between a user and the service desk by phone or by Email-ID. It also includes all user activities that occur by use of the self-service Web portal.

Functionality includes :

  • Incident management, users can raise tickets via email, self-service portal, phone, or in person as per ITIL standards.
  • SLA Management & Self-Service Portal.
  • Automation & Service Catalog.
  • 24*7 Customer Hotline support through chat, Mobile hotline and email.

Security :

  • Enabled Multi-level security – KMS encryption, password protection and SSL while transferring the data on AWS Cloud.
  • Enabled Amazon S3 server-side encryption to encrypt the data.

Reliability :

  • The reliability pillar includes the ability of a system to recover from infrastructure or service disruptions, dynamically acquire computing resources to meet demand, and mitigate disruptions such as misconfigurations or transient network issues.
  • provides in-depth, best-practice guidance for architectonic reliable systems on AWS.

Cost Optimization :

  • Growth Source will access some servers infrequently, so proposed solution is designed in a way to optimize the cost.
  • Script is configured on the server in such a way that the servers will run in only particular time as per their requirement. So, it is a better choice with respect to cost saving.

The Benefits :

  • Free-up IT resources. Improve efficiency by freeing up valuable financial and staff resources.
  • Reduced Capital Expenditures. no longer needs to acquire, enterprise backup software, or hardware system. This eliminates the burden of budgeting for capital equipment well in advance as well as the capital expense.
  • During critical events such as on-premises data center outage, when many applications must be restored simultaneously and as soon as possible.
  • Implemented AWS KMS Encryption on Instance volumes to secure the data of the server.


Monitoring Services Features :

Server Monitoring –

  • A quick summary on the status and performance of your server over the last seven days through our heat map analysis.
  • CPU/memory/disk utilization.
  • Services and processes.
  • Network statistics including bandwidth utilized by the server.
  • Processor queue length and up time.

Reports –

  • Availability Summary Report.
  • Busy Hours Report.
  • Health Trend Report.
  • Performance Report.

About the Partner :

  • is an advance consulting partner in Amazon web service (AWS) Partner network (APN), focusing exclusively on AWS.
  • would like to thank Growth Source for providing an opportunity to submit Cloud Services backup proposal.
  • Our wide range of Cloud based offerings with comprehensive services and cost-effective approach will help you meet your technology and business objectives.
  •’s Managed Services for public clouds delivers 24 x 7 monitoring and management services by experienced administrators who are experts in supporting public cloud environments. As an official technology partners with leading public cloud service providers, we provide the much-needed technical support complimenting the infrastructure and support provided by leading public cloud service providers.
  • With’s Managed Services, you can rest assured knowing that your cloud infrastructure is fully managed and optimized for your business needs. provides expert technical support with pay-as-you go managed services and improved ROI on your cloud investments.


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