Managed cloud services providers are all in one managed cloud services which is fit, agile and flexible for businesses’ needs. It is provided by managed cloud service providers who take care of cloud of a business. It also focuses and ensures cloud infrastructure is always convenient, optimised, and reliable.

Managed services providers can offer services such as alerts, security, patch management, data backup and recovery & availability management for different devices such as cloud servers,physical servers, storage systems network and applications.

Cloud MSP is a service that allows businesses to tap the potential of cloud computing without the pain

of becoming an expert in every emerging technology. Companies that use managed cloud can focus on their core business on building great applications and new products, and landing new customers.

Managed cloud service offers organizations security and provisions of a dedicated private cloud with better and cost-effective packages. Organizations that use managed cloud computing can focus on business operations, rather than addressing server defects and downtime.



  • Infrastructure monitoring & management
  • Supervision & notification service
  • Antivirus and boundary management
  • SLA management service
  • Billing management
  • DevOps
  • Backup service
  • DR service
  • Infrastructure advisory services


  • Financial services
  • Healthcare
  • Higher education
  • Professional service providers
  • Government and public sectors
  • Small & medium enterprises


  1. The MSP service provides customers of all sizes the advantage of predictability. It support costs and because MSPs take a proactive approach, they may be able to check and prevent problems from occurring and therefore from distorting business operations.
  2. MSP service helps in keeping up with things such as backups, patches, recovery and security, eliminating problems down the road that will positively impact business firms. MSP service focus and scale. An MSP’s core business is solving problems as effectively as possible, using a well-defined set of tools and processes.
  3. MSP act as an addition of It department, taking care of routine It infrastructure supervising and managing 24*7 freeing It staff to focus on higher-value projects. By proactively supervising and maintaining systems, MSP service can help avoid many technical problems.
  4. MSP service provides visibility into the process and management of your systems. In addition, the MSP service gives more expense predictability than a consultant-type time and billing model. They are always cost effective.


  1. Consistent availability: Designed on a high availability and private-cloud structure, it uses effective redundancy via its various servers, storage area network (SAN) and storage protection for reliable failover protection.
  2. Automated resource balancing and failover: If host stops working, cloud servers are at advantages due to their consistently available infrastructure. Failover and resource balancing between hardware hosts is automatically managed at the virtualization level, and it has the capability to manage and update software and hardware.
  3. Creates a hybrid of virtual and physical servers: Applications and database engines can share a dedicated network with cloud servers, resulting in the creation of virtual and physical servers on the same system.
  4. Affordable: The costs of a managed cloud are as effective as most public clouds. The resources and also the services are billed per usage.
  5. Customization– Depending on the requirements of a business, the managed cloud service is completely customizable. They are being designed and implemented by the providers to meet the requirements & needs on which a business operates. It is so because the provider who can diligently monitor the way client manages the cloud solutions uses the solution. It is an important factor in getting technical details to further ease the process that is brought about by the technical nature of the cloud solutions.


Certified professionals helps in securing your data, and saving your time so that you can focus on building your core business.

They identify impending threats and delicately project resolutions that protect your data & ensure your environment’s security and take advantage of exceptional cloud capabilities like auto-scaling.

This will benefit quicker timer-to-market and increased speed, innovation, agility when you design some change.The AWS cloud solutions also help you manage the life cycle of your workloads.

The major benefits of cloud MSP:

Cost effective: automation tools that goes with your operations as part of managed cloud, so no need to hire specialists to handle public cloud.

Regular optimization and management of your private cloud, private cloud & hybrid cloud and also focuses on resources to increase growth of your business.

Infrastructure – whether it is a global organization, or any with critical infrastructure which requires to be updated.

Application – managing applications becomes great beyond just knowing them, but understanding how they work and in your unique environment.

Security – we don’t just give lip service to cloud security, one company must have the certifications, experience, relationships and methods which will safeguard your information.


  • Competitive, greater return on investment
  • Prevention of threats that affects the business
  • Reduce the resource cost
  • Reduces duration
  • Increases visibility
  • Increases control and flexibility
  • Reduces the infrastructure cost
  • Data center management
  • Service desk
  • CIO advisory services
  • Cloud storage with monitoring
  • Managed backups & OS systems management
  • Configuration management

The value of having an MSP in cloud based technologies for business is second to none. However, finding the right managed cloud service provider is dismaying. The ideal MSP will have multiple areas of attention and will be capable of delivering a solution that meets all requirements in a business. Like everything else, a good MSP is never low economical.. But the advantage a company will relish will be worth the value.



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