Cloud Access Security Broker

What is CASB?

Today IT departments have limited visibility in to cloud services especially with increasing  “shadow IT.” They have limited options to track service usage or control sensitive data after it’s uploaded. To bridge this gap in security, you need Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) services.

Key Characteristics of CASB Services

Clear Visibility

CASB provides a clear visibility into the cloud environment in an organization which covers users, devices, applications, data and actions. It provides the insight on Shadow IT, and information on the authorized/ unauthorized apps that the users are accessing and how often they are using it.

Ensurance of Compliances

As organizations move more of their data and systems to the cloud, they must ensure they comply with the many regulations designed to ensure the safety and privacy of personal or corporate data. Cloud access security brokers can help ensure compliance in the cloud whether you are a healthcare organization worried about HIPAA or HITECH compliance, a retail company concerned with PCI compliance, or a financial services organization needing to comply with FFIEC and FINRA.

Accuracy forData Security

Accuracy comes from using highly sophisticated cloud DLP detection mechanisms like document fingerprinting, combined with reducing detection surface area using context (user, location, activity, etc.). When sensitive content is discovered in or en route to the cloud, the cloud access security broker (CASB) should allow IT the option of shuttling suspected violations efficiently to their on-premises systems for further analysis.

Ensurance Against Threat Protections

Organizations need to ensure their employees aren’t introducing or propagating cloud malware and threats through vectors such as cloud storage services and their associated sync clients and services. This means being able to scan and remediate threats in real time when an employee tries to share or upload an infected file or detecting and preventing unauthorized user access to cloud services and data.

Adaptable Nature of CASB

CASB Services can help an organization secure cloud apps and data in an environment where security is increasingly a shared model between the cloud app provider and the subscribing organization.
CASBs, by their nature, are complementary to many components in a security infrastructure. Be it MDM, SIEM, SSO, or DLP solutions, CASBs can integrate seamlessly in any IT environment to provide the necessary visibility and control for cloud apps.
These environments can include content delivery networks and threat detection solutions, underscoring the role of adjacent technology solutions to protect an organization’s data and apps. This is reinforced in the Gartner Market Guide for Data-Centric Audit and Protection that talks about the growing demand for centralized management of data security policies across different data silos.