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Accord Fintech Pvt. Ltd chooses AWS Glacier with enterprise backup software for Data Archival of critical files and folders for long term retention

By : Use Case : AWS Cloud Backup for customer critical application which is hosted on-premises. About Accord Fintech : Accord Fintech

Epsilon Carbon chooses Amazon Web Services for Enabling Cloud based backup service on AWS Cloud

By : Use Case : Enabling End point data backup on AWS Cloud. About Epsilon Carbon : Epsilon Carbon’s journey started in year 2010

Protecting data using AWS Backup

Overview : Before the launch of AWS Backup, customers had to separately schedule backups from native service consoles. This overhead was also present

Well-Architected approach to CloudEndure Disaster Recovery

If there is an IT disaster, you must get your workloads back up and running quickly to ensure business continuity. For business-critical

AWS Landing Zone

What is AWS Solution all about? AWS Landing Zone is a solution that helps customers to quickly set up a secure, multi-account AWS environment based

AWS DevOps – Transforming the Future, Streamlining the Present!

2020 is seen as the era where digital transformation takes over technology, shifting the course of advancement in a new direction. On the course of

DSP Mutual Fund Chooses Amazon Web Services For Hosting Mission Critical Fund Management Workloads

By: Use Case : DSP Mutual Fund Banking and financial enterprise applications on Windows IIS and MS SQL with containerized workloads.

Public Sector Case Study for Disaster Recovery(DR) as a Service

India’s leading Natural Gas Distribution Company chooses as a trusted partner for Disaster Recovery on Amazon Web Services By:

Microsoft on AWS

Migrating workloads to Cloud is just the first step towards Digital Transformation (DT or DX). This step is a butterfly effect which pops up

Growth Source financial technologies chooses Amazon Web Services for hosting their Credit Bureau and business information Applications on cloud

By : Use Case :  AWS Cloud Infrastructure IAAS -Large Scale Windows greenfield deployment. About the Customer : Growth Source

Magic Bus India Foundation chooses for Infrastructure Migration (IAAS) and Data Backup and Security Management

Customer Name:  Magic Bus India Foundation Use Case:  Microsoft Dynamics Navision Migration from On-Premises Migration to AWS. Technology Solutions

On-Prem vs Cloud Database

Data now at the heart of business operations, how you choose to store, process and manage this crucial asset has become one of the most important