Cloud Landing Zone Assessments are a costly affair… the good news is that we are offering it for FREE!
Establish a Scalable, Secure,
and Cost-effective Azure Infrastructure for Free

A well-architected Azure Landing Zone provides a secure and scalable environment for seamlessly migrating and transforming. Therefore, having the right cloud adoption framework is a crucial step towards an impactful and successful Azure journey. We are offering a comprehensive Azure Landing Zone assessment worth $5,000 at no cost, while ensuring your cloud investments are optimized for maximum business outcomes.

Whether you are at the initial adoption stage or further along in your cloud journey, our free Azure Landing Zone Assessment will help you make informed decisions.

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Supporting you at every stage of your Cloud Journey
Initial Adoption

At this stage of your cloud adoption journey, after assessing your existing IT infrastructure, financial standing, and future goals, you may have experimented with various cloud services for hosting non-critical workloads. Our Free Azure Landing Zone Assessment will provide valuable insights to guide your decision-making process.


As you extend your data center to establish a security and governance framework on the cloud, you might have migrated a few business-critical workloads. Our Azure Landing Zone Assessment will assist you in optimizing your cloud foundation, ensuring secure and compliant operations.


Having gained confidence in the capabilities and benefits of the cloud, you may have started migrating most of your eligible workloads. Our free Azure Landing Zone Assessment will help you execute a successful migration strategy, minimize disruptions, and maximize efficiency.


With a significant volume of workloads hosted on the cloud, your focus is likely on building next-generation roadmaps and modernizing applications. Our free Azure Landing Zone Assessment will help you identify opportunities to leverage cloud services effectively, enabling innovative solutions for your enterprise.

Azure Landing Zone Assessment Process
Day 1-2

Engage and define scope for assessment

Day 3-6

Conduct tool based and manual assessment

Review & Presentation
Day 7-10

Analyze the assessment report with various stakeholders and defined a cloud roadmap

Assessment Benefits
Client Success Stories
Analyze your Azure landing zone readiness for Free

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