AWS Storage

AWS Storage Solutions has vast experience helping customers to store data in the AWS Cloud, creating seamless storage across their cloud and on-premises environments. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we have the capabilities necessary to build, deploy and manage complex cloud architectures on AWS. We have been investing resources, time and people into building solutions around AWS storage offerings to help our customers to adopt and accelerate their use of the public cloud.


  • Quickly and easily implement a backup protection strategy. Amazon S3 for data backup solutions.

Business Continuity Disaster Recovery

  • offers Disaster Recovery as a Service that replicates any workloads from any source infrastructure to a low cost on AWS target infrastructure.
  • Leverage RTO & RPO recovery strategies to ensure full resiliency of our customer’s assets for disaster recovery solutions.


  • Amazon Glacier for cost effective long term archival of backup data.

Primary Storage

  • Recognizing storage as the foundation of a successful cloud infrastructure that leverage AWS EBS, EFS, S3 and many services to build the foundation.

AWS Storage Partner

CloudEndure Disaster Recovery

  1. Within minutes to install and simple to operate failover, enabling recovery from downtime in minutes, with support for any physical, virtual or cloud-based machines.
  2. CloudEndure creates an exact up-to-date replica for any source workload, and fully converts it to AWS format within minutes depending upon the workload
  3. CloudEndure support recovery from all physical, virtual, and hybrid cloud infrastructure into AWS Cloud
  4. Average savings of 80% on total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to traditional disaster recovery solutions.
  5. Sub-second recovery point objectives (RPOs) Recovery Time Objective (RTOs) of minutes.
  6. Multiple IT resilience options, ensuring a cost-effective strategy support of all application types, including databases and other write-intensive workloads

Backup & Recovery

  1. CloudBerry Backup Service is a data backup solution, offers all the features that customer would expect in backup software, including file-based backup and image-level backup for Server. Backup Service addresses your entire data protection challenges with an end to end and easy to manage service that backs up all your data from any source servers, desktops, VMs etc.
  2. Physical & Virtual Servers backup: support for all major operating system and virtualization platforms
  3. Image Backup: Take complete image backup of server with granular file level recovery
  4. Bare metal backup: Supports bare metal backup and recovery for multiple serve platforms
  5. Hybrid Cloud: Supports hybrid cloud delivery option with on premises and cloud-based backup

Mahanagar Gas Limited creates a BCP-DR plan leveraging AWS CloudEndure with minimum running cost for On Spot Bill , customer escalation and surrounding applications

Accord Fintech Pvt. Ltd chooses AWS Glacier with  enterprise backup software for Data Archival of critical files and folders for long term retention