About the company

It is an international oil and gas engineering group operating within two market segments:

  • Process furnaces for refining, petrochemicals and hydrogen production, an area in which this is a world leader,
  • Natural-gas treatment, through its subsidiary Prosernat. In this field, the Group is active as a technology provider and EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) player…

Its teams have expertise in thermal and mechanical furnace design, natural-gas treatment units,
the fabrication and modularization of equipment and project management.The Group offers a
wide range of furnaces for ethylene and aromatics production units.

Customer’s requirements

They were looking for cloud based DR with zero RPO & 2 hours RTO. They wanted to archive 25 TB data on cloud & DR for 9 servers. All their engineering workstations with more than 200 GB data, needed to be backed up on cloud and all their user PST as backup.

Proposed Solution

    • Cloud based DR with many to one server replication using Double Take DR.
    • Real time replication of data to cloud.
    • 1 Gbps direct connect to AWS for faster replication and quick restoration of data.
    • Cloud based backup to AWS S3 for workstations.
    • 25 TB data archived to AWS Glacier


Direct connect to VPN with throughput of 1gbps. Arranged 3rd party replication tool doubletake on AWS server.9 server replication on single server. Via direct connect, tape library data uploaded on AWS server. Cloudberry backup installation, Backup uploaded on S3.

Customer Benefits

    • Lower TCO for cloud with many to 1 server DR.
    • Zero data loss due to real time replication
    • Secure connectivity to cloud with Direct connect & VPN.
    • Low cost and reliable data storage of compliance data on AWS glacier, customer removed traditional tape based archival to cloud archival.

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