About the company

  • Leading NBFC in business of giving credits to merchants.
  • They offer the best products and services in the market. Their in-house technology platform is tailored to meet the unique requirements of their innovative loan products.
  • They wanted to run entire IT setup on cloud including DR as customer didn’t wanted to create their own DC and manage the same.

Customer’s business requirements

  • Across service provider DR with zero RPO.
  • 15 minutes RPO backup for critical servers.
  • Secure access from HO, Branches & remote users.
  • Production systems wanted to run on stable, robust, user-friendly platform.
  • Environment must be secured for operations financial institutions.
  • Secure connection between on premise and the production environment.
  • Disaster recovery on stable and secure platform geographically different locations.
  • Backup solution
  • ITIL based complete life cycle of technology

Proposed Solution

  • Primary site hosted on Azure Chennai & DR on AWS Mumbai.
  • DR configuration with near zero RPO & 30 Minutes RTO.
  • Unified IP SEC VPN connectivity from offices & unified VPN access across Cloud service providers for roaming users.
  • Dynamic scaling for application servers based on workload.
  • Unified AD authentication for server infrastructure & users.
  • Azure data center for running production environment.
  • AWS data center for running Disaster recovery.
  • Service desk as an ITIL based complete life cycle of technology for ticketing and alerting.
  • Cloudxsupport as Cloud monitoring tool.

Following applications hosted on cloud

  • Core lending ERP
  • Online credit authorization system with integration with CIBIL.
  • Online payment gateway with Yes bank integration.
  • Active Directory
  • Service desk tool
  • Complete Development


  • Azure is user-friendly cloud platform.
  • Old production was running on Microsoft Windows platforms so moving to Azure was a smooth process been a same technology family.
  • Enough secure to run financial institutions business process like multifactor authentication for accessing Prod and UAT environment, limited access to environment by allowing authorized IPs.
  • Able to achieve secured connection between on premise and cloud platform with VPN. Very cost effective solution to run 24 x7 production system.
  • Disaster recovery deployed on AWS. Successful connection between both cloud platforms for transfer of data to DR site without VPN.
  • Deployed low cost and low resources on DR site to utilize DR very efficiently. Installed and configured the snapshot based backup solution.
  • Ability to take snapshot with 15 min time interval to achieve business requirement of minimum RPO & RTO.
  • Environment is made secure to face Ransomware attack.
  • Maintain all records to achieve compliance.
  • Service desk to log all the events and Cloudxsupport as a monitoring tool to get alerted by all events and to Act as and when required to address the incidents to resolutions.

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